areas of expertise
  • Brand Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • BComm, Marketing, McGill University;
  • MBA, Marketing & Strategy, UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management

Matt Kerbel’s career has spanned senior marketing roles with emerging technology brands, such as Lyft and Juicero, as well as major consumer products corporations including Activision and General Mills. He began his career at a boutique marketing consultancy in Toronto, Canada in 2007, before moving to Los Angeles to attend business school, and ultimately switching over to a client-side brand management role.

In under a decade, Mr. Kerbel has driven exceptional growth for Lyft’s largest marketplace (Los Angeles); has helped to turnaround Activision’s most notable global franchise (Call of Duty); and has repositioned one of General Mills’ fastest-growing equities (Totino’s). He has a proven track-record of formulating and executing impactful multi-channel marketing efforts, deeply rooted in consumer insights research.

Kerbel joined MusclePharm in 2017, bringing passion for, and extensive knowledge of, consumer psychology, digital marketing, content and influencer marketing, and business development. A dual-citizen of the US and Canada, he holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, in Montreal, and obtained his MBA from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management in 2011.


MusclePharm Hires New CMO

The performance lifestyle sports nutrition company noted that Kerbel will be “responsible for directing and executing brand strategy to support MusclePharm’s growth both domestically and internationally, continuing to engage the company’s core audience, while identifying innovative ways to reach a growing cohort of vegan and recreational athletes.


By ALISTDAILY, July 20, 2017, 07:59AM PDT

Selling To C-Suite Executives Requires Preparation And Strategy

Cut the fat. Matt Kerbel, CMO of MusclePharm, a lifestyle and sports nutrition company, says the key to a sales presentation winning him over is “the three C’s: clear, concise and compelling.”

He adds that whether the salesperson has 30 seconds or an hour, they must “make it as hard for me to say no as possible. You have to keep me engaged or chances are it’s a pass.”


-Michael Mink, 4/04/2018