MP Sports Science Institute


No athletic facility could meet our athletes’ needs. So we built one for them.

Welcome to the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute (MPSSI). We are the only sports nutrition company with our own 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art private athletic testing and recovery space, dedicated to optimizing athletic performance and health. Keeping our products on the cutting-edge, while maintaining the highest standards of safety is what sets our company – a company of athletes – apart.

MPSSI is home to countless elite athletes and expert trainers, as it is ideal for an athlete seeking both a private experience and the most advanced training facility possible. Elite athletes know how to push themselves to exhaustion, but the possibility of overworking or not recovering properly is always there. Our team of experts are constantly monitoring the athletes’ form, nutrition and progress, helping them to gain an edge in the safest and smartest manner possible.

MusclePharm® is a company that trust exists for athletes, created by athletes. We take pride in learning deeply at MPSSI, so that we can impart that critical knowledge the rest of our global MP Nation athlete community on a regular basis.

When it comes to training, only the best equipment and technology will suffice. At MPSSI, you will find:

  • Body composition – DEXA®
  • Cardio – Woodway®
  • Strength training – Keiser®, Westside Barbell®, Rogue Fitness, Hammer Strength®
  • Recovery – Impact Cryotherapy, TimTam, Johnson Wellness, NormaTec
  • HIIT – Turf
  • MMA – UFC® Octagon, jiu jitsu mats
  • MP basketball court
  • And much more

For inquiries into touring MPSSI, please contact